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Karin Chipulina

Natural material and fiber artist

I use natural plant based materials and minerals such as Iron to inform my work.

Most of my work is connected to my view of the world and the environment I find myself in.

I use my work as a means of exploring ideas of identity as well as the land and our relationship with it.

I am based in North Berwick in East Lothian near Edinburgh and I am surrounded by the sea and countryside which I draw inspiration from.

I use different techniques in my work. 

From using naturally made inks for drawing on paper and dying cloth and threads to dying threads that I stitch with.

I am very interested in Japanese methods of stitching and also spent time in India learning block making techniques using mud and Iron pastes.

I Eco print using the simmering and steaming methods using local plants and weeds on cotton, silks and wool both mordanted and unmordanted solely using Iron as a mordant.

I enjoy the interaction of different materials and manipulating them to make a new object,often recycling what I find in the environment around me.

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Most of my work is for sale unless otherwise stated.
 Please do get in touch for more information about what I do and for any future collaborations. I am happy to run workshops and show my work. 
Commissions are also welcome. I am particularly interested in working with other artists using plants as inspiration.

39a high street,north berwick


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