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I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, Now part of The University of Edinburgh in 1989 with a second class upper in Art and Design in Tapestry and went on to win the Andrew Grant award to study for a post graduate in Tapestry.

I went on to be awarded a British scholarship to study Tapestry/Tekanina under Magdalena Abakanowicz  in Poznan, Poland in 1989-1990

In 1994 I studied for an Art Therapy Diploma and worked in an acute ward at Bellsdyke hospital as a senior Art Therapist for the Forth valley Health board.

In 2005 I won a Winston Churchill award to study Rural agriculture in Cuba which lead to many years freelancing as a community gardener bringing natural and garden inspired workshops to communities in East Lothian and Edinburgh. My Freelance work also gave me some commissions most notably to make a mobile museum for the National  Museums of Scotland, making a Geodesic dome with felted panels with a nursery in Fife which is still used as a mobile Museum for communities around Methil, Fife.

Other work included setting up an educational garden for local schools, freelancing for health project at the Bridgend allotments, running art workshops for the East Lothian Arts Service and helping to set up the first Forest school in East Lothian.

 In 2021-2024 I was given a VACMA award from Creative Scotland and East Lothian council to develop my new work in Eco printing and using natural plant materials.This was my new work which was started during Covid. I have been the recipient of the Visual Arts and Crafts Award four times, once  to travel to France in 2023 to study with India flint. 

Most of what I know and keep learning has been inspired by her work.

In 2024 I plan another weeks workshop with India Flint in Scotland.

Collections in Sweden,Scotland and Australia.

Private commission in Scotland

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