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Part of Jura.2021

Eco printed cotton with oak gall blanket, using local plants in Jura,Scotland.£150.00.

Eco printed Felted wool 2023

Griselina, st johns wort and Eucalyptus £230.00 framed

Eco printed Felted Wool 2023 SOLD

A series of Five.£230.00 framed. Griselina ,st johns Wort and Dollar eucalyptus leaves boiled in a perpetual pot. 

Art work: Workshops

Paper Eco Print 2023-2024

Paper immersed in water with various plant material and then sewn with Iron and Alder cone parts. £110.00 framed,£80.00 unframed.

Paper Eco Print 2023-2024

Paper Immersed in water with various plant material then sewn with Ash keys,Iron and bog Myrtle.£110.00 framed, £80.00 unframed. 

Work In progress 2024

More Eco Dyed Fabiano paper with stitched plant and Iron material. All Inquiries welcome. £110.00 Framed,£80.00 unframed. A series of 20

Art work: Workshops

Paper Eco Prints 2023-2024 SOLD

Made by simmering plant material on good quality paper and then sewing plant and oak gall fragments. Framed £110.00 Unframed £80.

Paper Eco Prints 2023-2024 SOLD

Made by simmering plant material on good quality paper and then sewing Alder and Iron fragments.£110.00 framed £80 unframed.

Paper Eco Prints 2023-2024 SOLD

made by simmering plant material on good quality paperr and then sewing blackthorn needles.£110.00 Framed and £80.00 unframed.

Art work: Workshops
Karin eco print 1.jpg

Eco print on cotton 2020 SOLD

Birch twigs,simmered for two hours on pre mordanted cloth. 

Eco Printed cotton 2020.SOLD

Common plants and weeds to print on pre mordanted cotton and using an oak gall Tannin cloth, steamed for 1 and 1/2 hours.£200.00 

Eco printed cotton 2020

Eco printed Cotton with oak gall blanket,simmered using Willowherb plant.

Art work: Workshops

Golden Rod. SOLD 

Using Cotinus,Wild Geranium and other weeds boiled in a perpetual/dirty pot,on pre-mordanted cotton. 

Cotinus. SOLD

Pre mordanted cotton with an oak gall soaked cotton blanket,using weeds and plants found in The Isle of Jura, Scotland. 

Cotinus 2 on paper.

small sample of Pre mordanted cotton printed using Cotinus and plum leaves ,steamed for 2 hours.

Art work: Workshops

Hand made book. 2021

Using eco printing on paper,weaving,sewing using silk and wool.

Eco printed felt. 2023

Using the cleaver root,calcium,griselinia and eucalyptus,boiled in a perpetual pot.

Coiled basket. 2022

Made using dried horseradish leaves grown in allotment. 2022

Art work: Workshops
IMG_20230913_110640_924 - Copy.jpg

Mixed media on paper.2023

Using Oak gall ink,black ink mixed with Iron, iron pieces left in the sun mixed with vinegar and water, blackberry and elderberry juice, white pen.
£40.00 unframed Giclee print from original.

Mixed media on paper. 2023

Again using Oak gall ink and black ink made from Oak gall mixed with home made iron,black charcoal from open fire,fruit juices and graphite pencil.
£40.00 Glicee print from original.

Process. 2023

Leaving large Iron items using sun and water on paper.

Art work: Workshops

Quilting, using Boro stitching. 2023

hanging,Quilt using pieces of eco printed cotton and silk, silk thread.Sewn by hand and mounted on bamboo.
£400.00 in Private collection

Home made concertina book on paper. 2022

Mixed media on paper, using paint, watercolour,stitching,pencils and inks.

Eco printed cotton. 2020

Birch leaves on cotton with Logwood blanket. Steamed for 2 hours.

Art work: Workshops


Eco printed fabrics from many different processes.Helped by online and face to face tuition from Irit Dhulman, India Flint,Elizabeth Viguie-culshaw and Caroline Ross.
Prices from £20.00-£50.00 for assortment piles.

Pod/vessel 2022

A Shibusa inspired pod, using felting and sewing techniques.Wool and silk.
NFS Commissions welcome

Felted pieces 2023

A few pieces influenced by my workshop with India Flint in Brittany 2023,'Tide wanderings'.
Wool and silk threads boiled in a perpetual pot with Iron using Griselinia, Dollar Eucalyptus,St Johns wort and Cleaver roots.
£230.00 each mounted and  framed.

Art work: Workshops
IMG_20230715_122243_240 - Copy (2).jpg

Cotton book. 2023

Cotton book,sewn with home grown japaneese Indigo. Buried for one month in my allotment.£50.00


Shibusa inspired bag, using cloth,silk threads and wool. Boiled in a perpetual pot using Iron as the main colourant. Left overnight.All sewn by hand.

silk and Merino wool eco printed shawl. 2023

Merino wool scarf printed using local plants in Brittany, summer 2023. St John's Wort, Grielinia,Dried wind blown Eucalyptus leaves simmered in a dirty pot and left overnight.
NFS commissions welcome.

Art work: Workshops
2 (2)f (1).jpeg

Eco print on paper. 2021

Using local plants from the garden.Boiled in turmeric and onion skins.
£55.00 for glicee print

Eco print. 2021

Print of a rose leaf, on paper,boiled in water.

Bag. 2023

Bag lined and made using scraps of Eco dyed fabrics, hand stitched with thread and silk.
NFS commissions welcome

Art work: Workshops
20230625_164110 - Copy.jpg
for Ana.jpg

Eco print on paper. 2021

Paper with flower boiled using logwood dye.
£7.00 postcard set of three different designs

Apron. 2023

Apron made using a recycled white cotton shirt, using Boro stitching and recycling scraps of linen and silk.Hand sewn.

Eco printed wall hanging Cotton. 2022

Eco Printing oak leaves using a water blanket, steamed.

Art work: Workshops
20231121_095015 (2).jpg
IMG_20231224_212212_828 (1).jpg
IMG_20240104_143816_304 (1).jpg

Quilt 2. 2023

Quilt made of Eco printed scraps,machine sewn.
Auctioned for exhibition at The Dundas Street gallery exhibition,March 2024, £200 starting bid.

Scarf. 2022-2023

Eco printed scraps,Indigo dyed silks,hand stitched with silk threads dyed in tea and Iron.
NFS commissions welcome

Patchwork piece. 2023

Borro inspired patchwork.

Art work: Workshops

Felted pieces 2024

Felted eco prints, framed.3 sold
Using Griselinia,eucalyptus boiled in a perpetual pot. £230.00 per frame.

Paper and ephemera,framed 2024

Eco printed watercolour paper with ephemera sewn on, one of six

£120.00 approx with frame £80 without frame

Cotton Eco print with Cotinus 2021 SOLD

Cotton with Eco print and Oak gall soaked blanket,steamed for 2 hours.

Art work: Workshops

Eco printed paper with Ephemera  2024

 one of a series of six Eco printed papers framed £120.00 unframed £80.00

Eco printed Cotton 2020

Eco printed cotton using birch,ribwort plantain and eucalyptus.£200.00 SOLD

Eco printed paper with ephemera 2024

Paper set of Six,framed £120.00 unframed £80.00

Art work: Workshops
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